Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect information about your address and your name that you enter for signing up for our site. Besides these, we also collect information like your IP address, your computer’s OS, your browser information and the hardware or the pages you visit. If you are using a mobile device, then we collect the data that identifies these too for helping us to deliver our services better.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data or bits of information regarding you and your computer. These cookies are to help us give a better understanding of our visitors and help us give you the best results when you return to our website. By agreeing to allow the use of cookies, manually, you give your consent to us accessing information about your computer. Learn about the cookies from your internet browsers itself in case of doubt.

Privacy of Your Personal Data

We collect the data from you and your computer to improve our services and to customize our services for you. We take your personal information to deliver our newsletter to your email or even send out promotional emails as per that.

In the event of our company being sold to another company, all of your data will also be sold to that company. In that case, we will send you notifications about the same, and you will receive an option allowing you to request the removal of your account from that database.

We will, however, be holding back your IP address just because we want to protect our site from the attacks of any bug or malware. Every month we clean up the data we do not need for any purpose.
Though we have several third-party vendors, we will not give out your personal data unless you explicitly permit us to do the same. We use high-end technology for the protection of your data.
Nevertheless, the internet is not entirely safe and you agree to take that risk in providing with us any information of this sort.

Get in Touch with Us

In case you find any issue with the privacy of your data or feel the need to remove your account from our site, contact us by emailing us here. In case you have any queries regarding any cookies or the way your data is being used, feel free to contact our team at PayWithMobileCasinos 24/7.