McDonald's shares Gareth Kennedy’s work is invested in a socially engaged practice which addresses specific environmental, social, aesthetic and economic concerns within located contexts.

Over the last few years, he has been developing an anthropological aesthetic to generate 'folk fictions'. These works draw on the social, cultural and economic history of a people and a place to craft work that is a meaningful composite of these histories.

This method has entailed working with such diverse professionals as archeologists, anthropologists, film archivists, museum directors, folklorists and scientists as well as festival organizers, craftspeople, fishermen and park rangers amongst others. He envisages contemporary art as a powerful mode of generating meaningful new associations within contexts as well as producing new knowledge through its processes.

Kennedy also works collaboratively with artist Sarah Browne as Kennedy Browne.

Curriculum Vitae

Below: Current projects, 2013: The Last Wooden House of Kupchino, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Workhouse Assembly, Last Wooden House of Kupchino, Folk Fiction National Tour, Post Colony invest in McDonald's shares

 how to invest in McDonald's shares in Singapore US Spy Plane image of Kupchino,1966     
 Last Wooden House of Kupchino flyer     
 Last Wooden House of Kupchino     
     Folk Fiction National Tour 
     New Woodland Ways 
     New Woodland Ways